The Address

Routine Performance

Off An Island



Flamin' Stars

Fifteen Drawings of a Mountain

The Tower

The Time Which Is

From: Sarah Jones

Elevating Water

The Party


There Is

A Good Chair Is A Good Chair

Warm Air Rushes

Cut 'n' Polish



In Darkness

The Beekeeper

The Time Which Is

Every Letter

So... We Are Here, What Do We Do?


Both Sides of Everything About Something


The Hobart Urban Illumination Project


The Un-Victorious

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Love Bites


Open Studios at The MeetFactory, Prague, April 2016

Sarah Jones is currently an artist in residence at The Meetfactory, CZ, 1 April - 31 May, 2016

BADLY MADE THINGS, video still, Sarah Jones and Pip O'Brien 2011-2016

There Is No Question About That

Artists: Sarah Jones and Pip O'Brien, Elizabeth Wurst, Camilo Osorio Suarez
Exhibition: 1 April - 22 May, 2016
ACC Galerie, Weimar

To Steal An Island, video still, Sarah Jones and Pip O'Brien 2015

The Address

Artists: Mabel Juli, Brian Fuata, Justy Phillips, Sarah Jones and Pip O'Brien
Exhibition: 20 February - 20 March, 2016
Contemporary Art Tasmania, Hobart

Gratis, curator Sam Johnstone


Artists: Matthew Bradley (SA), Louise Haselton (SA), Sarah Jones (Tas), Claire Lambe (Vic), Ben Leslie (SA), Sally Rees (Tas), Lucia Usmiani (Tas)
Curated by: Sam Johnstone
Exhibition: 1 December - 11 January 2015/16 Plimsoll Gallery, Tasmania

Off an Island, video still, Sarah Jones and Pip O'Brien, 2015

Off An Island in: Island Salon as part of Underbelly Arts

Artists: Sarah Jones and Pip O'Brien
Curated by: Angela Garrick
Exhibition: 1 - 2 August, 2015
Cockatoo Island, Sydney

Oliver Jennings and Sarah Jones, Bio-symphony, Installation view at Summerhall, Edinburgh
Photography: Ben Burtenshaw

Bio-symphony at the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Artists: Oliver Jennings and Sarah Jones
Curated by: Ben Burtenshaw
Exhibition: 4 April - 22 May, 2015
Summerhall, Edinburgh

Suska Mackert, The Andy Warhol Collection/EOdG.W.AWC_Repro
Photography: Gert Jan van Rooij

ANARCHEOLOGIES: Hypotheses of a Lost Fragment

Artists: Dirk Bruinsma, Yoeri Guepin, Gabriel Jones, Sarah Jones, Alexandra Navratil, Suska Mackert, Padraig Robinson
Curated by: Alena Alexandrova
Exhibition: 9 January -31 January, 2015
Ygrec, École nationale supérieure d'arts de Paris Cergy, Paris

ANARCHEOLOGIES: Hypotheses of a Lost Fragment: Objects often have a fragmentary nature, in many cases they are torn from their past and their context, are transformed into figures, assigning them with identities and promise of knowledge by the devises that hold them. Archives, collections, catalogues, maps, and in a larger sense technical gestures, including the scientific vocabulary of archaeology, capture a variety of artifacts, images and territories. Their infrastructures are invisible and carefully negotiated fictions, both producing, and the result of, highly mediated procedures of interpretation and ultimately, the invention of the meaning of objects. The constellation of artworks included in Anarcheologies pose a question: what happens if the object-fragment itself is lost? Deprived from their usual functionality, a map, an archive, a score, a catalogue, a portrait, a film, or a travel through the desert, become an anarchic gesture. Each work proposes a hypothesis of a lost fragment that it simultaneously constructs. The infrastructure of the apparatus itself becomes a fragment characterized by opacity, open to multiple lines of interpretability.